Three Boys Brewery, Pils, Christchurch, New Zealand


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At Three Boys we personally tend each small scale brew, right from sourcing the best malt, hops, water and yeast until our beer leaves the Woolston-based brewery. Our brews are flavoursome and complex, but our aim is simple: finest quality beer, finest possible taste.

The India Pale Ale was born when handfuls of hops were added to barrels to preserve beer quality when shipping from England to colonial India. It is the same generous additions of hops that allow Three Boys I.P.A to survive the long haul, but when drunk fresh you can really appreciate the aroma our special selection of New Zealand hops creates.

Flavour Profiles: Aromatic, Fresh, Dry, Yeasty, Hoppy, Citrus, Tropical, Floral

Alcohol: 5.2% abv (50cl)

Closure: Crown Cap