Award-winning sommelier and wine consultant, Robert Giorgione (a.k.a. Roving Sommelier) loves authentic wines that are made with passion and integrity. At Roving Sommelier Wines, we also prefer wines that have a genuine sense of place and express their grape and region. Many of our artisan wines have been produced using organic, natural and/or biodynamic wine making techniques. Over the years, as one of the country’s most high profile sommeliers and restaurant wine buyers, Robert has been fortunate enough to be able to taste thousands of different wines from around the world, and to visit all the vineyards that he represents and to meet the winemakers behind them.
What’s more, from time to time, Roving Sommelier Wines has the ability to access limited edition and rare wines and offers a bespoke and unique selection of so-called ‘special’ wines. Robert has put together a small but interesting range of highly sought-after fine wines aimed at the wine connoisseur or collector, who appreciates great vintages and individual wines from iconic vineyards and premium estates from around the world. Rest assured all wines have been cellared in excellent conditions and have great provenance.
In addition, Roving Sommelier Wines can provide a bespoke wine service and consultancy. For instance you may wish to purchase a selection of wines for your wedding festivities, private parties and corporate tastings and events. At Roving Sommelier, we can do all of this for you and make suggestions based on your budget and taste. We would be very happy to have a conversation with you and to discuss further.
Please note: all wines are subject to availability.
Here is our current selection of special wines for you to discover and enjoy.

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