Roving Sommelier loves authentic wines that are made with passion and integrity. We also prefer wines that have a genuine sense of place and express their grape and region. Many of our artisan wines have been produced using organic, natural and/or biodynamic wine making techniques.

What’s more, over the years, in the guise of Roving Sommelier, award-winning sommelier, Robert Giorgione has produced from scratch over 275 videos on his You Tube channel (between 2010 and 2013). Although he no longer blogs (he used to be quite prolific back in the day), most of his online content can still be viewed.

Robert Giorgione’s roving sommelier vlogs are mainly interviews featuring fellow sommeliers, chefs and colleagues within the hospitality industry. In addition, there are many engaging videos featuring winegrowers and winemakers from around the world, who Robert has met on his travels and at various wine events.

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Should you wish to discuss future projects, including video production or require his roving sommelier services, please don’t hesitate to contact Robert Giorgione at