Three Boys Brewery, Golden Ale, Christchurch, New Zealand


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At Three Boys we personally tend each small scale brew, right from sourcing the best malt, hops, water and yeast until our beer leaves the Woolston-based brewery. Our brews are flavoursome and complex, but our aim is simple: finest quality beer, finest possible taste.

The Golden Ale is a modern style invented by British brewers to counter global brands. Pale golden with a floral aroma, this style combines the intricacy of ale with the refreshing qualities of lager. Three Boys use 100% Canterbury malt and 100% Nelson hops to create a genuine Kiwi brew.

Flavour Profiles: Aromatic, Fresh, Dry, Yeasty, Hoppy, Citrus

Alcohol: 4.5% abv (50cl)

Closure: Crown Cap