2021 Trapiche, “Melodias”, Torrontés, Mendoza, Argentina


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Roving Sommelier is passionate about premium quality regional Argentinian wines. Located in the famous Mendoza wine region, Trapiche is one of the oldest family-owned wineries in Argentina. Trapiche Melodias presents a full range of fresh varietal wines that will liven up your sensations. Each wine expresses a unique and particular note, and when they all come together provide a special melody to your senses. Torrontés is an indigenous exotic variety in Argentina. Bright yellow colour with floral aromas and orange notes, Fresh acidity and a sweet sensation on the palate. Ideal with spicy cuisine.  Best enjoyed chilled either on its own as an aperitif or with food.

Alcohol: 13% abv (75cl)

Closure: Screwcap

Grape variety: Torrontés

Flavour Profile: Clean, Fresh, Dry, Highly aromatic, Tropical, Floral, Exotic, Mouth-watering acidity.