Gonzalez Byass, “Matusalem”, Oloroso Dulce, VORS, Jerez, Andalusia, Spain


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Roving Sommelier loves fortified wines, especially the iconic Sherries produced in Andalusia in Southern Spain. Here, there are three main towns that make up “The Sherry Triangle” where sherries are produced. Of course, Jerez is the main town of the province and is place after which Sherry was named.

In 1835 a young Manuel María González Ángel bought a small winery in Jerez which he called “Tío Pepe” in honour of his uncle, who had taught him everything about the Jerez wine tradition. Soon, this fine wine made a name for itself both nationally and internationally until it became, today, one of the Spanish brands with the greatest prestige and recognition throughout the world. Tradition, innovation, sustainability, and the search for excellence are his legacy.

VORS are very old wines whose ageing goes beyond 30 years, which sculpts in them a universe of incomparable aromas and nuances.

This category distinguishes those wines whose certified ageing exceeds 30 years. Often coming from the most hidden part of the sacristies of the wineries, their prolonged ageing gives them exceptional organoleptic characteristics that make them true oenological jewels highly prized by lovers of the best Sherry wine.

Matusalem is a VORS Oloroso Dulce with an average of three years in American oak barrels following the traditional system of criaderas and solera. Matusalem is also the name given to this very special old solera in which this beautiful medium-sweet Sherry is aged for more than 30 years.

A classic sweet oloroso. Time, oak and the Pedro Ximenez grape in perfect harmony. Aromas of dates, raisins, and spices and roasted coffee beans. Ideal with desserts, and strong cheeses.

Best enjoyed lightly chilled and in a convivial atmosphere.

Alcohol: 20.5% abv (37.5cl)

Closure: Cork

Grape Varieties: Palomino Fino & Pedro Ximenez

Flavour Profile: Sweet, Rich, Complex, Dried fruits, Molasses, Coffee aromas, Good natural acidity, Long persistent finish. Great with all kinds of sweet treats, including cakes, pastries and chocolate, and perfect accompaniment to strong, hard, and blue cheeses.