Apple Crisp Cider, Zeffer Ciders, Auckland, New Zealand


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Zeffer Ciders are fermented in small batches and made with minimal intervention that allows the natural flavours and true characters to shine without the use of artificial colours or sweeteners.

The cidery is based in Silverdale, Auckland, in northern New Zealand. Everything is done on a small scale and the fruit is brought directly from various growers across New Zealand then freshly crushed, before a long, cool fermentation process starts at Zeffer Cidery to retain maximum flavour.

The original Zeffer cider. It’s an honest, fresh cider that continues to be a popular mainstay in the Zeffer range. Crafted from a carefully selected blend of green apple varieties. They have kept the flavour true to the fruit itself – crisp with a delicious green apple tang.

Flavour Profiles: Aromatic, Crisp, Fresh, Dry, Tangy, Apple

Alcohol: 5% abv (33cl)

Closure: Crown Cap