2020 Mas Amiel, Maury Grenat, Vin Doux Naturel, Roussillon, France


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Roving Sommelier loves dessert wines, especially the delicious and authentic Vin Doux Naturel wines that are produced in Roussillon, South-West France. The historic vineyard of Mas Amiel is located in the appellation of Maury in the Roussillon region, close to the Mediterranean coastline. Grenache, originally appearing from Catalonia in the middle ages is well suited to the region’s sunny and warm microclimate and the schist soils of the region. At Mas Amiel, the noble Grenache grape provides generosity, richness, and a powerful structure to the wines, which can last for many years.

Typically made from Grenache Noir and lightly fortified to 16.5% alcohol (during the fermentation process), this Vintage Maury Grenat has been vinified in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks and traditional concrete vats, which preserves the wine’s primary fruit aromas and freshness. Following this is a maceration period of around 30 days and the vin doux naturel wines are left to harmonise and mature in vats during the cool winter season before bottling.

Best served at 12 degrees centigrade, it reveals intense aromas of black fruits and is a perfect accompaniment to desserts made with chocolate and red fruits.

Alcohol: 16.5% abv (37.5cl)

Closure: Cork

Grape variety: Grenache Noir

Flavour Profiles: Fresh, Sweet, Aromatic, Black Fruits, Boysenberry, Plum, Morello Cherry, Spice. Perfect with dark chocolate.