Manzanilla, “La Guita”, Hijos de Rainera Perez Marin, Sanlucar de Barrameda, Spain


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Roving Sommelier loves fortified wines, especially the iconic Sherries produced in Andalusia in Southern Spain. Here, there are three main towns that make up “The Sherry Triangle” where sherries are produced. This Manzanilla – a form of dry Sherry – is produced at Bodega Hijos de Rainera Perez Marin located in the coastal town of Sanlucar de Barrameda. The Atlantic breezes allegedly give this fresh and bone-dry white wine its signature salty tang. What’s more this iconic Manzanilla has been produced and aged under ‘flor’ using the traditional criaderas and solera system.

Perfect served well-chilled as an aperitif with almonds and olives and/or with seafood and tapas dishes.

Alcohol: 15% abv (37.5cl)

Closure: Screwcap

Grape Variety: 100% Palomino Fino

Flavour Profile: Clean, Fresh, Bone-dry, Aromatic, Yeasty, Nutty. Great with all kinds of appetisers, including gazpacho and seafood especially prawns, oysters, langoustine, sardines and smoked salmon.