Welcome to our current selection of mixed wine cases. Whether it is white, red, dessert, fortified or sparkling, Roving Sommelier Wines will probably have the wine for you, and there is more besides.
All six bottles of premium wine that are featured in each mixed case are guaranteed to titillate your taste buds and be easy on the pocket, too. For most people, choosing wine can be an intimidating and (sometimes expensive) minefield of (sometimes overpriced) wines with unpronounceable names and come from places that you have never heard of. For some, wine can be an opportunity to make a wonderful new discovery and taste something really delicious. At Roving Sommelier Wines, we cater for the novice and the connoisseur and have an interesting range of wines that suit all tastes and levels of experience. In addition, we have made it easier for you, as we have already made the choice of the wines you will receive in your amazingly affordable mixed case. All you have to do is click and add to your basket.
All our wines have been selected by award-winning sommelier, Robert Giorgione, who has put together an eclectic mix of affordable premium wines sourced from some of the finest boutique vineyards from around the world. Roving Sommelier loves wines that are made with passion and integrity. We also prefer wines that have a genuine sense of place and express their own grape and region. Many of our artisan wines have been produced using organic, natural, and/or biodynamic wine growing techniques.
All products subject to availability. If a wine is out of stock or unavailable, then we will suggest a suitable alternative as a replacement that is similar in style, quality, and price.
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