2020 Spier, “Signature” Pinotage, Western Cape, South Africa


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Roving Sommelier is passionate about premium quality regional wines. Spier “Signature” Pinotage is an affordable, premium red wine produced in the Western Cape, South Africa. The Spier vineyard was established in 1692 and by tasting this wine you will enjoy three hundred years of winemaking heritage. I love the fact that, at Spier, they really care about what they do regarding their winemaking, ethical practices and the health of their vineyards. Like a chef’s ‘signature dish’, Spier’s “Signature” range of wines represents what Spier does best. They are committed to making quality wines that capture each grape variety’s unique flavour, and on the whole, are very food-friendly, too. This classic Pinotage is powerful and flavoursome with lovely, intense fruity and spicy aromas. Best enjoyed either on its own or with food, especially roasted or char-grilled meats, steaks, burgers and chops.

Alcohol: 14.5% abv (75cl)

Closure: Screwcap

Grape variety: Pinotage

Flavour Profile: Full-bodied, Powerful, Dry, Fruity, Plummy, Savoury, Spice. Very food-friendly.