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The original and still the best. Ask my family…


2 tubs mascarpone cheese

1 tub ricotta

3 large eggs

3 tablespoons icing sugar

Approx 25 sponge fingers or Savoyardi biscuits

100ml brandy or rum

100ml coffee liqueur (I prefer to use Kahlua)

One pot of strong espresso coffee


Make a pot of strong espresso coffee and once prepared pour into a dish and add half the booze..

Separate the eggs into two clean bowls – the whites in one and the yolks in another. It is most important that you do not end up getting any egg yolk or shell into the whites and they are in a completely clean bowl, otherwise they will not whip up properly.

Start by whisking up the egg yolks and in a minute or so, then add the icing sugar and carry on whisking. Do this either manually or with an electric whisk. You will see that they will start to increase in volume and take on a pale colour. Add the mascarpone, ricotta and rest of the booze and carry on whisking until it forms a sabayon.

Take the other bowl and whisk the egg whites. This should take around 5 minutes to form peaks and will become fluffy. With a metal spoon or spatula, carefully incorporate only a little bit at first into the sabayon mix. Gently fold it in and then continue with the rest of the egg whites. Taste it to check for sweetness and the mix should be as smooth as possible.

Take the sponge fingers and carefully dip them into the coffee mixture and make a layer on the bottom of the dish. Once the bottom layer has been filled with the coffee flavoured sponge fingers, spoon over about half of the mascarpone sabayon mix. Repeat the process with another layer.

Place the tiramisu in the fridge to chill and set up. Make it at least a day in advance for the flavours to blend well together. When you serve, sprinkle cocoa powder on top.

Wine suggestion:  Pedro Ximenez, Emilio Hidalgo, Jerez, Spain


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Taken from Robert’s latest book: “An Epicurean Odyssey: More Sommelier Stories”
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